Call Centers of The Future!

Our latest venture into the world of green screen, 3D modeling and animation comes in the form of an instructional video for work called “Call Centers of the Future!”

All the footage was shot in the new studio downtown. We rented a vintage switchboard from an amazing place called Zap Props here in Chicago who rent out pieces for productions big and small (most recently; both the latest 2 Transformers films). Lots of folks from work, as well as my wife, accompanied the actor Tim Ryder to bring it to life. Special care was taken in emulating the lighting styles of that era, as well as additional work in the film treatment and audio of the instructional video to really make it look like an old black and white mid-century educational film. 95% of it is new footage with a few shots that are actually from that magical time called the 50’s.

Check out The Making of here: