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Learning Design and Development

We don’t just redesign training—we reimagine it.

Reimagining training requires more than just creating new materials. TalentSprout’s Instructional Design team focuses on all elements of the training process—from the setup of the learning classroom (whether it’s physical or virtual) to the skills of those professionals who deliver training.

TalentSprout’s instructional designers spend time with our clients to understand their needs and provide the best wrap-around services possible. We redesign training materials and target the best ways to enhance the curriculum with rich media. We train the trainers to bring their skills and perspectives into the learning process, and to align their approach with best practices in adult learning. Through this consultation, we work to turn “trainers” into true “facilitators” of student-centered learning experiences.

Browse our custom playlist for a peek into the magic behind our industry-leading approach to learning design:

Learner-Centered Teaching

We’ve all been through corporate training that consists of endless hours of lecture on “important material.” Most of us have then forgotten 90 percent of what we heard in training and proceeded to learn on the job.

That’s because adult learners learn by doing. We use this as the basis of our entire training philosophy. But designing learn-by-doing materials isn’t enough; trainers need the skills to deliver them in order to truly create an active learning classroom.

Once a month in TalentSprout’s Chicago offices, we host a 3-day Active Learning Workshop for trainers looking to build their own active learning facilitation skills, which apply to any classroom or virtual e-learning setting. During this workshop, trainers learn and apply innovative techniques that improve learner engagement, knowledge retention, skill building, and most important, performance outcomes.

Don’t believe us? Browse our “Learner Centered Teaching” playlist to learn more!:


Is the instructional media in your curriculum memorable and engaging? Is it emotionally powerful? Does it tell a compelling story about the job and your company’s culture?

At TalentSprout, we believe great media must instruct and delight, in a balance. It must also be thoughtfully blended into the curriculum at key moments to maximize the value of its message. Our media engages learners not just to make the learning experience fun and interesting, but also to deliver key messages in a way that is meaningful and memorable. Whether it’s through a song that you can’t get out of your head, or an experienced agent’s “war story” explaining  what it means to “not take it personally, delivering the right information at the right time in the curriculum, and in the right way, helps learners make an emotional connection with your content.

Learning is fun and exciting. Training is costly and long—it can’t also be boring. Like great theatre, great learning experiences focus on the moment that everything changes. Let us work our magic on your training!

Seeing is believing, so sit back and enjoy our media portfolio!:



Our propriatary learning management system, LEARN, is designed to make training as simple as possible for the end user, while retaining maximum flexibility for administrators. It supports a wide range of content, including SCORM and TalentSprout’s own custom content.

Colibri LCMS

Colibri lets you build linear, non-linear, or simulation-style courses with ease. Communicating via standard SCORM, it is distributable with any content we create for you to assist in future maintenance. Get a hands-on look at Colibri authored content over at Call Center World, containing a collection of samples of how we make training that is insightful, memorable, and improves outcomes!


Teachably is classroom-management software that turns your classroom into a true learner-centered space. With its extensive library of “lean-forward” interactions, it helps students succeed by getting everyone involved. It’s available for free at


We have extensive experience building application simulations to assist in training, both asynchronous and synchronous. The simulations can be embedded in a Colibri course to add a coaching element. If you’d like to see for yourself how we build exploratory environments where learners have goals, consider options, and solve problems, head on over to Call Center World and try your hand at running a simulated call center or practice strategies for improving handle time.