The Coronavirus pandemic is forcing many organizations and educational institutions to send people home to continue working and learning. For many, this abrupt move to a virtual environment introduces serious challenges. With our deep experience in enabling and supporting remote workforces and students, SYKES TalentSprout wants to share its expertise to help you develop the skills and habits to successfully work, learn, and teach from home.

Below, three primers are available targeted to the needs of at home workers, students, and instructors. Each provides guidance and tips to succeed in the new virtual world. Feel free to share these resources with your coworkers, classmates, instructors, and friends.

Work At Home

The brave new world of the extremely familiar

At its best, working from home means ditching the hassle of commuting, and doing your job in a relaxed, comfortable environment. At its worst, it means new distractions, shifting boundaries, uncertainty about etiquette, and a feeling of isolation from your team. How can workers get the best possible experience from their new home office? How do they stay focused? How do they maintain connections while also maintaining boundaries?

In this course, our experts answer common questions, providing tips and best practices for navigating the world of work from home.

Learn At Home

The biggest and also smallest classroom

Throughout history, the best schools promised students personal access to and attention from excellent instructors. In many cases, your classmates provide an additional layer of value to your experience. So how do you get a quality education when your instructor and classmates are hundreds or thousands of miles away, and only appear as a postcard-sized box on your computer screen? How can you take charge of your educational outcome?

In this course, our experts provide advice for students about getting the most from distance learning, fostering connections with your instructor and classmates, and finding resources outside of normal channels.

Teach At Home

Running a class that spans continents

Even in a physical classroom, teachers must resist the urge to constantly lecture. Cognitive psychologists, along with the best teachers, know that “learn by telling” doesn’t work. But in a distributed virtual classroom, the temptation to “stand and deliver” is even stronger. How can instructors run an effective virtual classroom?

In this course, SYKES TalentSprout experts share insights and techniques for running discussions and activities in a virtual classroom that will keep your students actively engaged, and let them tune in, not tune out.

SYKES TalentSprout are experts at supporting working, learning, teaching, and training at home.

If your organization needs assistance converting to a virtual workforce or student body, we would be happy to provide an initial consultation at no charge. For more information, please contact us!

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