What’s the point of training if you can’t access it?

When evaluating your web-based training options, it’s easy to get caught up in feature lists. What course formats are supported? What about skills gap analysis and competencies? How customizable are the course catalog discovery options?

But none of these matter if your users can’t actually access the training they need!

Can they log into the system at all? Do they know their password? User management and authentication are often a process issue, not a technical one, but will stop users as effectively as a broken server.

Is it obvious what they need to complete, and how to launch it? The more confusing finding and launching training is, the more users you’ll lose along the way.

Will the training work on their device? The formats used to deliver online training are increasingly out of sync with the world of mobile devices and modern, locked-down browsers.

At Talentsprout, we build systems that prioritize the ability to take the course over a laundry list of features that will never be used. And we realize that content, technology and process must all merge to deliver an effective and pleasant training experience.